Buy FIRECORE 8 Lines Green Laser Level Electronic Self-Leveling 360 Super Powerful Laser Cross Lines with Receiver


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>>Electronic Self-leveling mode:
With smart electronic leveling sensor, the laser level self-levels with a higher accuracy up to ± 2mm inch at 10m.
The self-leveling mode will be activated automatically after power on.
The power indicator will blink quickly in red light if the tool is placed improperly, or the slope of instrument exceeds the range ±3.5°.
Please place the device on a level surface when use in self-leveling mode.
>>Laser Level Specifications:
Laser modes: 4V4H1P(4 vertical line 4 horizontal line 1 point)
Waterproof/dustproof: IP54
Laser Class: Class 2
Wavelength: Green line:515nm.Red point: 650nm
Over-all accuracy: ±2mm/10m
Leveling range: 3°
Bottom screw:5/8''
Maintenance and after-sales: 1 year warranty
Power supply: 7.4V 2700mah Lithium battery (included).
Working time: 5 Hrs(All lasers on)
Detecing action range:2-45m( with receiver)
>>How to use the detector with a laser level?
1: First, turn on laser level’s pulse mode ——"ON" button,open laser,press the top button outdoor to enter pulse mode
2: Second, turn on the detector and search the laser lines.
When the detector detects the laser lines, it will make “Beep” sounds. can turn off the sound