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*FC-32N Optical Level(Optional)
Magnification: 32X
Protection class: IP54
Clear Objective Aperture: 36mm; Working area: 120m
Height accuracy for an individual measurement: 1.6mm / 30m
Leveling type: magnetically damped compensator
Compensator setting accuracy: ± 0.3 ”
Deviation for 1 km double leveling: 1.0mm
Telescope picture: erect
Field of view: 1 ° 30
Compensator compensation range: ± 15 ’
Stage ratio: 100; Stadium addition: 0
Ring vial accuracy: 8 ″ / 2mm
Horizontal circle graduation: 1 °
Tripod thread: 5/8 ”
Item weight: 2.7kg
*3M Tower Ruler(Optional)
Folding 115CM Stretch: 3M Ruler Width: 4.5 cm Thickness:2.4cm Weight 0.6KG
*5M Tower Ruler(Optional)
Folding 120CM Stretch: 5M Ruler Width: 5.5cm Thickness:3cm Weight 1.6KG
*1.6m Tripod(Optional)
Model: FT1600B
Thread: 5/8"
Material: Anodized Aluminum Die Casting
Foot Material: Aluminum
Extended Working Height: 0.32-1.6m
Storage Length: 1m
Net Weight: About 3.45kg
Load capacity: 14kg / 30.86lb (When the measuring tool is heavy, install the measuring tool after unfolding)
1: FC-32N Optical Level features a self-leveling compensator with lock to protect the pendulum against damage when transporting
2: With a powerful 32x magnification, the level allows for a working extended range of 400-feet. The GOL 32 provides excellent accuracy of 1/16-inch at 100 feet
3: Featuring all metal housing and IP54 protection for weather resistance and durability, the level is protected and durable. The magnetic dampening system quickly settles the system and reduces the effects of jobsite vibration
4: The optical level offers both horizontal and vertical crosshairs and stadia lines to measure level and alignment and to also estimate distance
5: The circular bubble vial with a 90-degree prism allows for easy, fast set-up and alignment