Buy FIRECORE 2 Lines Green/Red Laser Level 360 Self-Leveling nivel laser Level With Li-ion Battery Magnetic Bracket


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>>The difference between F113-XG/F113-XR and F113G/F113R:
1. F113-XG/F113-XR can use 1.2V Ni-MH rechargeable battery (included), or use Type-C charger directly (included), or use 1.5V AA battery (not included). It has pulse mode
2. F113G/F113R can only use 1.5V AA batteries (not included), not rechargeable, and does not have pulse mode
Note: For long-distance or outdoor use, it is recommended to buy a green laser
>>Self-leveling mode:
On state, the instrument will be self-leveling within 3°, when the instrument is using out of the leveling range, laser lines will keep flashing quickly.
>>Slope mode(Manual mode):
F113-XG/F113-XR: OFF state, long press the top button for about 3 seconds, the laser line will be turned on, and the laser line s inclined, when the instrument tilt angle exceeds 3º, the laser line flashes slowly and can be operated at the angle you choose
F113G/F113R: On state, tilt the laser level, the laser line will flash quickly, until it stops flashing it will automatically enters the ramp mode.After leveling, the ramp mode will automatically turn off and return to normal mode.
>>Pulse mode:
How to use the receiver with F113-XG F113-XR laser level?
1: First, turn on laser level's pulse mode——ON state, long press the top button for about 3 seconds, the laser line will flash 3 times and become weaker, then enter the pulse mode
2: Second, turn on the receiver and search the laser lines. When the receiver detects the laser lines, it will make "Beep" sounds. it can turn off the sound.If you don't use the receiver for more than 5 minutes, it will shut down automatically
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