Buy FIRECORE Red Green Laser Level Receiver Detector For F93T-XG/F94T-XG/F504T-XG/F92T-XG/F113-XG/F113-XR/F303T-XG/F304T-XG/FIR411G


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1. In general, the FD20 receiver is only compatible with FIRECORE lasers. If you have not purchased any FIRECORE lasers, please do not buy our receiver to avoid unnecessary disputes!
2. FD20 receiver does not work with Rotary Laser!
Model: FD20
Net weight: About 300g
Compatible models: F93T-XG/F94T-XG/F92T-XG/F504T-XG/F113-XG/F113-XR/F303T-XG/F304T-XG/FIR411G
Use distance: 3-50M
Battery: 9V Battery(included)
Receive frequency: 5HZ/10HZ(Please contact me before ordering if you need 5HZ or 10HZ)
1.The FD20 receiver can ONLY compatible with Firecore laser levels, including F93T-XG/F94T-XG/F92T-XG/F504T-XG/F113-XG/F113-XR/F303T-XG/F304T-XG/FIR411G
2.The FD20 receiver can display the received line on the front, side, and back to offers easier visual readout. However, the laser line can only be detected from the front, so please keep the detector facing the front of the laser level.
3.The item also outfitted with a dual-sided bubble vial on both the front and top, which can be more accurately determine the level. Make sure to Turn ON the Pulse Mode of the laser level, to detect laser beams in difficult light conditions, distances up to 50m.
4.Optical and acoustic signals help to locate the laser plane quickly and accurately. The LED indicator provides a clear and accurate signal. Beep sounds will remind you when you find the target.
5.Comes with a 9V dry battery, providing you with approximately 60 working hours. After approximately 5 minutes of being idle, the automatic shut-off feature will power down the device to extend battery life. The attached heavy-duty clamp makes it easy to mount the detector to a grade rod or wooden pole.
How to use the detector with a laser level?
1:First, turn on laser level's pulse mode
2:Second, turn on the detector and search the laser lines.
When the detector detects the laser lines, it will make "Beep" sounds,it can turn off the sound.If you don't use the receiver for more than 5 minutes, it will shut down automatically
>>Package Includes:
1 x Receiver(included 9V Battery)
1 x Clamp
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