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Scale: 0.5cm

Material: Plastic

Male thread: 1/4" (for laser level)

Female thread: 5/8" (for tripod)

Adjustable height: About 9cm

Load bearing: About 3kg

Item weight: 0.46kg

Item size: 14*15 cm




<360° Fine-tuning>: The positioning Device offers micro-fine height adjustment system which allows the user to make 360° clockwise or counterclockwise rotation adjustments.

<Height Fine-tuning>: The height can be fine-tuned by rotating the fine-tuning knob, and the adjustment range is 9 cm. The height adjustment lock helps to fix the adjusted height.The scale is 0.5 cm every small interval to help adjust easily.

<Multiple Installation Methods of the Bracket>: With 1/4" thread, compatible with most line lasers. 5/8" thread makes it possible to be attached to a tripod or laser pole. The magnet can be attached to a metal surface or a steel plate. The nail holes are designed to make the installation much firmer.


>>How to use:


1.Need fixed L-bracket through hanging hole hang on the nail.

2.Magnetically attach to a metal surface(Notice: the adsorption force of magnetic suspension method is affected by the iron material objects, such as the thickness of paint and clean degree of iron surfaces.When you use bracket, please check the laser to avoid damage)

3.Mounted on a tripod through the bottom 5/8 inch threaded interface.



1.Unlock, smoothly up and down adjustment

2.Lock, you can still slide up and down, but it will not slide when the machine is placed (So if it is not for human reasons, the bracket will not slide)

3.This bracket is only magnetic on one side


>>Package Included:


Option1 :1 x Magnetic bracket

Option2 :1 x Magnetic bracket

1 x1/4 "turn 5/8" aluminum adapter


Note:The brackets with four magnets and six magnets at the rear are sent randomly, and it is impossible to specify which type to send.

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