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Model: F304T-XG
IP Rating: IP54
Laser class: Class 2 (IEC/EN 60825-1:2014),<1mW
Wavelength: Osram, 505-532nm
Over-all accuracy: ±3mm/10m
Leveling range: ±3°
Mount Size:1/4''
Leveling Type: Gravity pendulum
Working range (radius):25m(up to 50m with the FIRECORE FD20 laser detector)
Power supply: Rechargeable 4000mAh Lithium Battery
Maintenance and after-sales: 1 year warranty

>>Self-leveling function:

On state, the instrument will be self-leveling within 3°, when the instrument is using out of the leveling range, laser lines will keep flashing quickly.

>>Slope mode(Manual mode):
Off state, press and hold the "LASER" key for about 3 seconds until the laser ray appears, and after releasing the operation key, you can continue to operate to select the laser beam. After selecting the slope mode, The laser line is inclined, and when the inclination angle of the instrument exceeds 3º, the instrument will flash slowly and accompanied by the alarm sound,it can be operated at the angle you choose.
>>Pulse mode:
How to use the receiver with F304T-XG laser level?
1: First, turn on laser level's pulse mode——Press the Double arrow button, the red indicator light turns on and the laser line becomes weaker and then enters the pulse mode
2: Second, turn on the receiver and search the laser lines.When the receiver detects the laser lines, it will make "Beep" sounds. it can turn off the sound.If you don't use the receiver for more than 5 minutes, it will shut down automatically

Note: The four magnets and six magnet back pins are sent randomly, and it is not possible to specify which type to send; And the L magnetic bracket has magnetism only on one side.

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