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Tip:the configuration of different options is different
Pliers Length:20 cm
Pliers Material: Alloy + Rubber + Plastic
Terminal Material: Nylon + Copper
Crimping Range: AWG 22-14 (0.5-2.5 mm²)
1.Please fine tune the nut whilesliding or damaging wire.
2.When the wire is broken, please adjust the nut counterclockwise.
3.When stripping is difficult, please adjust the nut clockwise.
4.Turn the adjusting nut to adjust the bite force of the jaws, counterclockwise to decrease, clockwise to increase.
5.The handle part PP&TPR adopts non-slip exquisite pattern design,
Both beauty and practicality.
6.The plastic buckle in the storage box can be fixed on the two small holes on the back of the box,then it can be hung on the wall or on the waist,easy to carry and place.
>>Features(HSC8 6-4A )
Pliers Length:24 cm
Pliers Material: Alloy + Rubber + Plastic
Terminal Material: Nylon + Copper
HSC8 6-4A Crimping range : AWG 23-7 (0.25-10mm²)
1. Self-adjusting ratchet, the self-adjusting design of the ratchet improves the accuracy and reliability during crimping, automatically adjusts the diameter of the stripping wire, and avoids wasting terminals.Ferrule Crimping Tool Kit - Sopoby Ferrule Crimper Plier with Wire Ferrules Kit Wire Ends Terminals.
2. Portable function kit, which can help you quickly complete the wiring, suitable for various equipment switches, batteries, automobiles and households, electronic components with pins, etc.
3. The handle with PVC and ergonomic design provides easy operation and strong crimping.